Restorative Yoga Certification

Retreat, Relax and Restore To Your True Self

Though much of yoga today is about moving, flowing, and sweating, there are great benefits in slowing down and observing the body. A restorative practice is much like a meditative asana practice. Your goal is to be still as your breath scans your body for areas of discomfort or even areas of openness. It is about letting go and just being on the mat for an extended period of time. The stillness will allow both your body and mind to slow down. Being still is often much harder than moving, but the benefits far out way the inconvenience.

How will this help me in my practice?

Yoga is more than moving from one pose to another. The Yoga Sutra says “Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.” So yoga is more about finding stillness rather than creating more activity. If you can learn to stay in a pose, if you can learn to get past the sensations that want you to get out of a pose you can then reap the benefits of the asana practice.

What will I gain from this training?

  • Learn the basic restorative postures and creative sequencing
  • Learn modifications for specific therapeutic benefits such as: better sleep, low body tension, nervous system balancing
  • Participate and Learn to Teach Classes Such As: Restore Through the Chakras, Restorative with Yoga Nidra, Restorative for Better Digestion, Restorative for Increased Immunity, Restorative for the Lymphatic System
  • Comprehensive Binder Included

The retreat will be centered around the theme of
“Retreat, Relax and Restore To Your True Self.”